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Ghetto Gaggers Video feat. Kandi Gurl

Last updated: January 10th, 2017
Hi there and welcome back! Some amazing ghetto gaggers scene are about to be present to you, so just grab a seat and watch another horny slut getting her throat abused on camera. Kamdi Gurl is just another random whore who wanted to try something extreme, so here she is, getting her throat and stomach abused and having her face slapped, then moisturized. I’m sure you will enjoy the amazing fucking session, so do not waste anymore time and watch her fucked and facialized.

As you will see, this babe confess that she always wanted to try a hardcore blowing session. She came at the right place. Our guys are all scumbags who will shove their cock deep into the holes, showing no sign of mercy. Like this time, for example, when that crazy dude shoved his white cock into Kandi’s tight throat and made her spewing all the spit all over. Her eyes will tear and he will slap her just to make sure she stays on road. It seems like he knows how to fuck a woman. Well, at least Kandi has some skills and for that you really don’t have to miss this scene.

Kandi came to try something new and extreme and received exactly what she was looking for. Watch her swallowing the hard tool, trying to suck it properly, getting slapped and jizzed for the great ghetto gaggers finale. That stud will hump her hard and fast, pumping her cunt rough and going balls deep inside. Watch her spreading her legs and pussy for him and receiving an extreme treatment. In my opinion, she got what she deserved. But anyway, let’s not waste anymore time on chit-chating. Let’s see exactly how everything happened. Make sure you are ready and have fun watching, my friends!

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Ghetto Gaggers Video feat Phatcheeks

Last updated: January 3rd, 2017
Hi there! Our ghetto gaggers guys are back and this time they got in front of themselves. Thy came out with this hottie who will sit on a hard white cock right before she’ll have her face jizzed really good. Anyway, the chick had no idea what a hardcore fuck actually means and she just found out tonight. Watch her getting her throat gagged, riding and receiving a nice rough fucking, then waiting on her knees for that creamy moisture cum. Trust me, this one is one of out best and this is your opportunity to watch it from front roe seat.

First of all I want you to meet Phatcheeks, a sexy ebony babe with a fat bubble but, nice tits and a hot wet and pink cunt. She told us that she is into rough stuff, but when we showed her some of our work, she almost changed her mind. Anyway, our new guy showed her what a true hardcore penetration really means. She will have her throat gagged just for your viewing delight as that guy shoves his entire cock into her big mouth. Then the horny slut will hop on top and will ride that dick like there’s no tomorrow.

Well, after awhile, the dude will take charge and her pink pussy will receive the pounding of it’s life. He fucks her fast and hard in some amazing and hot position and for the great finale will spray his every drop of jizz straight on her forehead. Watch her getting fucked and jizzed for your viewing delight. She also has a great surprise for all of us. The surprise that made our studs wanting to fuck her even harder. Just watch and drool. And I’ll see you all next week with fresh ghettogaggers content. Stay tuned.

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Slutty Dasy getting face fucked

Hello there! Ghettogaggers has a special scene for you, guys. This week, you will enjoy one of our best scenes. This hungry slut, Dasy, will receive the face fucking of her life. The crazy stud over there gagged her throat with his white huge cock, then he shoves a huge dildo straight into her mouth just to fuck her throat one more time. And to make everything complete, he will pain her face in white for the great finale. Grab a seat and enjoy her special ghetto gaggers treatment.


As you will see, Dasy start her fucking session with some blowjob. The ebony chick will suck on the cock nice and slow. But her partner prefers deepthroats, so watch him shoving his cock into her mouth. She will choke on his cock for your viewing delight. Het tight throat was roughly penetrated by the cock and the huge vibrator. That guy through that his cock is not enough for her, so her took out his secret weapon. He loves watching her tearing out and choking. This one will get a face fuck while sitting on her back and the cock hanging above. That way, the guy will fuck her better and will moisture the face pretty good, because he knows that she is hungry for white cock, just like Jalisa in this scene.

Anyway, after all that hardcore face fuck, she will have her hairless pussy pumped fast and hard in all kind of hot position and a massive cumshot will paint her face once again for the great finale. Slutty Dasy will wait on her knees, knowing exactly what is about to happen and het forehead will be sprayed with the creamy cum. Dribble of nasty jizz painting down her face will be the last scene. Anyway, this one totally deserve your attention, so cum inside and enjoy!

ghetto-gaggers-dasy-gets-hert-mouth-stuffed ghetto-gaggers-dasy-facialized

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Naughty Layla likes to blow

Hi there, ladies and gentlemen and welcome back! As you already know, we have for you some fresh content with our ghettogaggers porn stars. These babes are going to enjoy some hard white cock on camera, specially sucking on it. There is no secret that these chicks prefers blowjobs, so we found some crazy studs who will shove their hard tools balls deep inside their big talented mouths. On screen will be Layla, a skilled ebony chick who will brag around with her blowing skills and will will receive a huge jizz load for the great finale.


So there she is, starting her fuck by getting ready that tool. Layla will wrap her juicy lips around the cock and will suck hard like there’s no tomorrow. The babe is using both her hands to hold the hard cock and will suck first only on the head of the cock, tasting it just a little and getting it hard as a rock. She will also get her throat gagged right before the pussy pounding. That stud will show no mercy for any of her holes, going a little rough on her and shoving his entire cock inside. Anyway, after she sat on his cock or she got fucked from behind hardcore, Layla will suck once again on the hard fat dick.

And this time she will also receive a huge jizz load straight on her pretty face. Dribble of cum will run down on her and from curiosity, the ebony babe will taste just a bit. Enjoy the entire scene back on our website. Cum there and watch her in action. Trust me, she totally deserves your time. I will leave you now, but next week I will wait you to cum back for some fresh ghetto gaggers content with our ebony hungry babes. See ya. Bye!


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Jalisa is hungry for white cock

Another great week and we have a fresh ghetto gaggers scene for our fans. This scene is all about Jalisa and her passion for white cocks. This ebony chick will wrap her juicy lips around that stud’s cock and will suck it hard like there’s no tomorrow. What her chocking on a cock, then getting her face painted in white just for your viewing delight. This is the kind of scene that cannot be missed. Enjoy!

As you can see, the hungry slut dropped on her knee from the very beginning. She will take off her clothes in no time and will wait for the white cock to fuck her throat. All the chick we have here have this great appetite for white dicks and prefers blowjobs. So here they are, sucking around and getting jizzed just for your viewing delight. As I said before, Jalisa is waiting down on her knees and the crazy stud will shove his hard tool into her big mouth. He will choke her, fucking her throat and making her eating that entire cock. Slurping all over, this babe will suck on the hard tool until it sprays her cute face.

As you can see, in this last ghettogaggers picture, Jalisa is waiting quietly down on her knees and that stud will spew his every drop of jizz all over her forehead, dribble of cum running down her face and painting her it in white. Just cum inside and watch the two in action. You will find there the entire episode. Just make yourself comfortable and enjoy the hot scene. Until next week, I’ll leave you in her company! I’m sure she’ll know how to entertain you. Have fun!


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Ghetto Gaggers Hardcore deepthroat

Hi there! We have a great surprise for all of you tonight. A ghetto gaggers beauty will be on our screens tonight and she’ll receive a hard treatment from our crazy stud. This tattooed guy will shove his hard cock balls deep inside her talented mouth just to fuck her throat. The babe will receive this hardcore throat fuck and for the great finale, she will have her face moisturized with the creamy cum. Anyway, she confess in the end that she finally received the pounding she always dreamed of.


As I said, this beauty always preferred hardcore fucking session and it seems like she just found the perfect stud to offer her that. There she is with the mouth filled out with the monster cock. She will suck hard and the guy will show no mercy for her throat. He will shove that hard cock deep inside her mouth, forcing her to swallow it. With the hands gripping her hair, he forces his tool deep into her mouth. The babe will have her pussy also roughly fucked, on doggy style position. That pink eager pussy of her will be stretched while she moans loudly and has her hair gripped once again. Anyway, the entire scene is back on our website, so you should cum inside to enjoy her even more.

There you will also find the end of this amazing scene as the ebony hottie will have her face moisturized with the hot semen. Just take a look at her waiting quietly on her knees, then getting her face sprayed with the nasty jizz after she chocked on that white hard cock. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by her performing. Just watch and drool and I’ll see ya all next time with fresh content. Have fun till then.


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Naughty Zanica deepthroating a cock

Some amazing ghetto gaggers pics were brought to you once again. Naughty Zanica sucked on a hard tool and we caught every second of that amazing rough fuck. She will suck and fuck like no other and in the end she will get what she was craving from the very beginning: a nice load of creamy cum straight on her fore head. Have fun watching her, ladies and gentlemen and let’s see what the hot ebony chick did this time.


As you can see, the ghettogaggers babe has this true passion for sucking, like all the girls around here. She will take off her clothes in no time and will get ready for the blowing session. Her partner will lay on his back and naughty Zanica puts her pussy straight on his face, engaging in his hot 69. The two will taste each other with Zanica in the fore. Watch her wrapping those juicy lips of her all around that cock and sucking hard, like there’s no tomorrow. She is going deepthroat for your viewing delight, getting her throat gagged and taking all the cock into her eager mouth. She sure has some skills, so don’t waste  anymore time and watch her going naughtier than ever with the white cock.


But horny Zanica will not get satisfied only with the blowing session, so she hops on top of that lucky guy and her pink wet pussy will be stuffed with the hard tool. Watch her moaning in pleasure and riding the cock, having her tits bouncing up and down as she slides that cock in and out her wet cave. And in the end, hungry Zanica will get a nice load of jizz right on her forehead. So there she is, down in her knees, waiting for the cum. Just watch dribble of white cum painting her chocolate face. Have fun!

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Cock hungry Janea Jolie

Hello there, everyone! We have for you some smoking hot ghetto gaggers pics starring Janea Jolie, a ebony ghetto chick with some amazing blowing skills and a great appetite for white cocks. This babe will taste that cock, sucking and slurping on it like there’s no tomorrow, then she’ll get drenched in the white nasty jizz just for your viewing delight. As you will see, the babe gives her best and these pictures will prove her great abilities. Have fun watching her, everyone and cum inside for the entire episode.


If you will enjoy the entire ghettogaggers scene, you will see how the hungry ghetto chick started her great fucking. session. Janea dropped on her knees and her juicy lips were wrapped all over that cock in no time. She eagerly unzipped him and put the cock straight on her tongue. She will work hard on it, sucking and slurping like no other and making sure it is hard enough. She wanted to make sure it would slide easily into her aching cunt. A doggy penetration from behind will come next and her wet pink hole will receive that right treatment tonight. Just watch her doing lots of naughty things and having her holes stuffed on camera.

After she sat on the big fat cock, Janea will suck once again on it. She is hungry for man juice and will not stop until she takes all that creamy cum on her face. So after deepthroating once again, Janea got her entire face drenched in jizz. The scene is simply amazing, so sit back and let’s watch her eating that hard fat cock. Like always, you can find the entire episode on our website. Cum there and have fun!


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Jalisa and Ebony Ice sharing a cock

Another great week and here we are with some fresh content for all of you. We have a double dose of ghettogaggers for all of you, so grab a seat quick and get ready to enjoy two hungry ebony babes sharing one white cock, not mention sharing the cum. Jalisa and Ice are here and I guarantee they will be the perfect company for you and your cock tonight. I can see you drooling, you naughty pervs!


So the two picked up this dude from a bar and decided to share his cum. Well, that will work just fine with him, I think, not being sure if the hungry ghetto chicks will get enough from only one tool. Anyway, let’s see what the girls are capable of. The stud they just picked up is one crazy dude who will fuck their throat like no other. The babes will have their mouth stuffed with the white cock. Just watch Ice sucking hard on the cock while Jalisa is taking care of the balls, sucking on them and stretching them out. It seems like the ghetto gaggers girls found a way to share that tool. Anyway, ebony Ice is always craving for a cock, so let’s watch her in action once again.


Anyway, after all the sucking and slurping, watch them taking turns on riding the tool. The babes will have their pink eager pussies stuffed and the dude will fuck the hard from behind. Watch them both bended and with the round ass in the air, waiting for the cock to satisfy those wet holes. For the great ghetto gaggers finale, these two will wait down in their knees and the monster cock will paint their chocolate faces in white. Do not miss that moment which is simply perfect. Have fun watching the, everyone!

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Ghetto Gaggers – Ebony Ice craving for a cock

Hi there! It is time to enjoy some fresh ghetto gaggers porn and tonight’s star will be this ebony chick. Her name is Ice and she has this huge passion for big white cocks. You will see her taking a cock into her mouth, swallowing that cock and chocking on it, having her pussy roughly fucked with the white toll and in the end she will get her face plastered with cum. I’m sure you will love her performing.  Just watch and drool.


As you can see, the brunette has one big mouth. She will take the cock into her mouth and will go deepthroat just for your viewing delight. She stuffed her mouth with the big fat tool and sucked hard, like a real professional slut. This babe is capable of eating swallowing an entire cock, so just grab a seat and watch her doing exactly that. After all the sucking and slurping, Ice will receive a nice rough fuck from behind. Her bubble but will sound loudly as the crazy stud slides his cock in and out. Watch her enjoying the hardcore fuck and also sucking once again on the cock, for the great finale.

As you will see, after all that doggy penetration, Ice will get down on her knees once again and will suck on the fat tool for the last time. This time, the stud will shove his white cock deep into her mouth and Ice will choke on it. Swallowing all that cock and sucking it hard, Ice gets what she craved from the very beginning: a nice load of jizz all over her chocolate face. Enjoy her going naughty and taking the creamy cum on her face. Cum inside if you want to see the entire ghettogaggers scene. Have fun!


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