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Sha Dynasty

Sha Dynasty is the latest whore to join the ghetto gaggers family. You know what they say you can’t teach new tricks to an old whore, but Shy was full of new tricks. The big assed hood whore didn’t need any breaks when Bootleg and Sam were shoving their hard dicks down her throat. The hood slut actually enjoys it. The guys wanted to punish her for being such a good sport and they didn’t have any mercy on her big ass and filthy mouth. Sha, like we said earlier has passed our doorstep a few times, but in this one, they guys took her on a ride that she isn’t going to forget too soon. The guys showed her what rough actually means.

The curvy ebony got her ass, pussy and mouth filled with dicks and she took them all like a pro. New tricks for old whores. You must see the ebony bimbo getting double teamed, while Bootleg and Sam were taking turns on fucking her ass and mouth at the same time. She didn’t see this coming especially after taking all those loads on her pretty face in the end! The guys made sure she wasn’t going to forget their little encounter too soon and they did a great job.You can check her out in action in the video below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more!


Watch this whore getting fucked and drenched in cum!

Destinee Jackson 3

Destinee Jackson always has a good time at ghetto gaggers. She always loves having fun and we always find out something new about her with every scene. Destinee is a smoking hot ebony and she doesn’t stop surprising up. Destinee has been around here so many times but in today’s scene, she got a dick as thick as her own leg, deeply shoved in her butthole. She got double teamed in this one and the guys couldn’t wait to shove their thick dicks in her filthy mouth and filled her with nasty jizz. The slutty ebony surprised the guys with her willingness to try out everything they told her to do. Like we said she loves having fun and each time she surprises us.

She can be a cum dodger so we made sure that she ate her fair share, so Destinee could pack some extra weight. The guys started with her pussy but finished with her pussy and asshole. All of her holes got stuffed and filled with jizz in this hardcore ghettogaggers scene. You can’t find sluttier chicks than these ghetto sluts and they are always ready for some hardcore action. You can see her in action in the video below and we’ll see you next time with more hardcore updates. Enjoy it and see you next time!



Ghetto Gaggers Destinee Jackson


The new ghetto gaggers Destinee Jackson scene is here and you just have to check it all out everybody. The petite ebony babe is eager to get to have some cock all to herself once again today and there is no way that you can skip over this amazing and hot show with her. So let's get that show going and see Destinee have some fun with a big white cock without delay shall we?

The whole thing takes place on that silver colored leather couch and it looks like the babe was quick to remove her clothes and the guys'. And once that was done, she goes right for some oral pleasing action as she wants to show you why she's ghetto gaggers material here today. Check her out sucking and deep throating that meat and enjoy the view of it all. More will come soon enough too!


Crazy Destinee Jackson Anal Sex


Are you guys and gals ready to see more of Destinee Jackson in action this afternoon? Well you'd better be as she has for you one truly incredible and crazy Destinee Jackson anal sex show to show off and you just need to see it. The beautiful petite woman is super eager to get to have that cock plow her pussy and ass and you can see it only here exclusively.

The couch is again the spot to be at while they fuck and again miss Jackson starts with her patented cock sucking action. But you can bet that she wanted more this time and she showed it off too. Watch her sit in a sort of upside down position in this one and you can see that guy's big white cock plow and stretch her butt in this crazy anal sex scene for the afternoon. Make sure to not miss a single image and come back soon!


Destinee Jackson Nude


Well, you came back in time to see a Destinee Jackson nude scene and your favorite little slutty babe getting to be as kinky as she wants on camera once again. The superb little lady gets to play in a solo session of sorts for most of this and only has the guys come in pretty much right at the end of it all to cover her in jizz here at ghetto gaggers, so let's get started!

It's always a treat to see her in action and this gallery here is no exception. She has the silver leather couch all to herself so you can check her out taking off most of her clothes to show you some incredibly hot and juicy views of her wholly nude body too. She takes her time to pose sensually from all angles and show her ass and pussy along with her tits while she was at it. It is just incredible to say the least!


Intense Destinee Jackson XXX Deepthroat


Well well well. Here we go again with another intense Destinee Jackson XXX deepthroat scene featuring the main lady herself and you can watch her hard at work with another lucky stud at ghetto gaggers today. She wants to get another nice and deep face fucking action session in and because of that you have one incredible view of what the babe ended up doing today!

Be sure to not skip over any part of this XXX scene as the superb babe Destinee also starts her show with some teasing and undressing first and foremost. So once she is all naked she gets to bow down and get to work on the cock of the guy as well, making sure it's nice and hard. And of course then, she assumes the position and you can check her out face fucked for the rest of this intense and hot deepthroat scene today.


Slutty Destinee Jackson Gangbang


Gangbang is the name of the game in this one and of course, that makes this a slutty Destinee Jackson gangbang because the pretty little babe couldn't be missing from it either. Check it out as the babe gets to be taken care of by the two guys today and get ready to check out some pretty wonderful and crazy hard style fuck sessions with the trio here this afternoon.

Anyway, she lets the guys undress her and then you get to see her kneel and start tending to their meat poles. You can watch her sucking and deep throating them right from the start and making them moan in pleasure. And after such good oral, you can bet your ass that the guys were going to take their time to plow her until she orgasms too this day. Check it out and check out the other amazing content around the site too!

Ghetto Leisha Lush

Leisha Luch, what can we say about the newest ghetto gaggers star? Well, she’s throwing her entire life away. Leisha, the sexy brunette, is smart, attractive and a bit physical. So here she is on our couch deepthroating cocks and sucking off strangers. Leisha says that porn is fun and we know that is bullshit, but she actually enjoyed herself in this one. After a few seconds since the scene started she was taking fat white dicks down her throat. Fountains of mess, filthy mess, were emptying on her pretty face. The guys didn’t have any mercy with her and showed her just how fun porn can be!

Next in line was her skinny slit, that was crammed with Sam’s and Jay D cock meat. Each time Sam pushed his soda can sized dick in her pussy, Leisha would catch air, but she took it all like a good girl she is. It’s always the quiet ones that surprise us and Leisha is one of them. The sexy hood slut was a really nice surprise and she took way better that we exacted, but you can check her out in the video below and see it for yourself. This was all for today but make sure you return to see more ghetto sluts gagging huge dicks in front of the ghettogaggers cameras. Enjoy it and make sure you check out some of the older ghetto updates.



Leisha Lush Extreme Ghetto Gaggers

You know what to expect here at ghetto gaggers by now. So get ready to see another rough fucking session with yet one more hot and horny ebony babe that gets to be between two cocks. This one is called Leisha Lush extreme ghetto gaggers and you are about to see just why in just a moment. So let’s get to start off those cameras and see the babe hard at work today shall we?

Once the cameras roll, the babe is all set to start her session with the guys and you can check her out as she gets to perform one sensual and hot double blowjob to make sure that both their cocks are rock hard and ready for a nice and good fuck today. Then see her face fucked and her pussy and ass plowed hard style as well. She was just amazing to see in some hot fucking action today and you can expect to see more of her at ghetto gaggers!



Teenage Gaggers


Welcome back to some more teenage gaggers scenes this afternoon and some pretty sweet action with more of Leisha in action once more as the main star. You know that she’s really good at what she does and she is going to be having lots and lots of fun here today with this white guy. Anyway, let’s not waste time and get to see her hard at work shall we?

The teen ebony slut is eager to get to have a piece of that big white cock today and the guy is very very happy to let her have it without delay. Check her out dropping all of her clothes in this ghetto gaggers show and see her putting her delicious naked body on display as well. So after she had enough of being a little cock tease, you can see her enjoy a good dicking and face fucking as well from the lucky stud for the afternoon!


Hardcore Lush Porn


This gallery has some more hardcore Lush porn and you cannot skip over it if you have grown to like the pretty little ebony lady here. She’s always down for a good fuck that can take a turn for the kinky way and of course that is what is going on here. We’re sure that you will have tons of fun seeing her wrap those lips on some serious man meat and enjoy it!

well, she’s always eager to get to show off her prowess with pleasing cocks, so playing with this guy was just up her alley as you can clearly see. Check her out dropping his pants and check her out as she gets to whip out that serious man meat and you can check her out getting that dick into her mouth straight away as she was eager to deep throat it without delay. We hope you enjoyed the hardcore porn scene guys!


Throatfucking Leisha


Leisha is back today with more amazing action scenes for you and she’s ready to throw down once again. You can rest assured that she was superbly eager to get to have more fun here today and she’s quite happy to get to show off what she can do on camera once more. So let’s see the guy throatfucking Leisha this afternoon in this whole amazing gallery shall we?

The black leather couch was waiting for her to get nasty and kinky once again and she showed the guys here a thing or two about her. It seems that if you truly want to get to throw down with Leisha here, you’d better have lots of stamina as the babe is pretty much the energizer bunny when it comes to fucking in general. Anyway, check her out in this throatfucking scene today and enjoy the view of it all without delay!


Ebony Leisha Lush Porn

This week you dropped by at just the right time to check out a ebony Leisha Lush porn scene with the busty ebony cutie full out having some nasty fun this week once more with multiple guys and moaning in pleasure. Let’s get to see the black babe as she gets to play on the leather bed and you can take the time to see her fucked all over it this fine afternoon!

So as soon as this one starts off, you can see her throw off her clothes more or less and then letting the guys get all touchy feely with her. She likes it a lot and before you know it, she’s bent over and taking it doggie style from the tattooed one as she moans loudly. See the guys fucking her relentlessly throughout the whole thing and her enjoying all the sex a whole lot too. Bye bye for now and check out the past shows too!



Enjoy watching this ebony whore getting drenched in cum!

Ghetto Gaggers – Zo Lala 2

Zo Lala is back again with a ghetto gaggers video this time. She had so much here the last time that we had to have her back here. Three minutes after we started she was already choking on Sam’s long meat. We had to convince her to try out something new and Sam was the perfect one to help us get for her. The curvy hood ebony had crocodile tears rolling down her face and jizz all over her perky little tits. Sam thought her how to sniff balls as she had his huge meat down her throat. Zo Lala received a lesson she won’t forget too soon in this ghettogaggers update.

The poor thing wasn’t expecting this kind of treatment but this how we roll and she got the full ghetto experience with Sam’s help. He didn’t have any mercy on her or her throat and didn’t give her a chance to say a thing about it. Once the cameras started rolling Sam surprised her and shoved his dick in her filthy mouth without any warning. These ghetto sluts are the best and you already know it. They always come back for more and more and Zo Lala is one of the best examples. Although it was a pretty rough scene for her we are sure that we are going to see her back for at least one more update. Enjoy it!

Zo Lala

Hey there and welcome back for another update. This is her first ghetto gaggers video and she’s done an amazing job. Zo Lala surprised us once she entered the room, she had a hot body but when she started talking something didn’t really match. The first time you hear Zo Lala talking you would think that she’s a “drag queen”. We were a bit worried so we checked for Adam’s apple to be sure. Everything seemed ok, but we were a bit worried so we asked her to undress before things got down. Everything seemed pretty clean.

This is the first hood slut that made her double check before getting down to action. While she was undressing we couldn’t stop staring at her fantastic body. She is one of the best surprises we had lately and everything about her it amazing. Her throat game is the best, she deepthroats like a champ. Besides that Zo Lala loves taking cocks hard and fast. She is a filthy slut! For someone that did her first porn video she did an amazing job and this is a hall of fame scene. After this one, we are sure that we are going to see her around pretty soon for another scene. We surely enjoyed her first scene, so make sure you check it out too and let us know what you think about it.


See this hood slut getting drenched in cum!

Simone Styles 2

There are times when you remember a name instead of a face, especially when you get to know so many whores. Simone Styles is one of them. Her name sounded familiar but we just couldn’t remember her, which is weird because she is really hot. We think it’s because we see way too many hood whores a day. We got to know Simone 4 months ago and like we said beside her name everything else was a huge blank. But she called us the other day for another scene and we just couldn’t say no to her. Simone wanted another shot because she wasn’t too happy with her first scene and she really wanted to make round two more special and she did it.

The action was way more intense and we just couldn’t wait to see more. Everything moved faster and her face fuck was way sloppier than the first time. She did a hell of a job and she’s the best hood whore we’ve seen lately. After how things ended we are pretty sure that we are going to see her back with us pretty soon. So you gotta check her out because besides the face fucking you got to see a lot of close-ups, showing off her curves in front of the camera. There’s no surprise that here you are going to find some of the sluttiest hood whores! Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more amazing ghetto sluts!


Simone Style Threesome Sex

This fresh scene has a Simone Style threesome sex scene and you can bet that you won’t want to miss out on the glorious action that goes down with the amazingly beautiful ebony babe here. She’s all set to play with two white guys and she looks amazing sandwiched between two white cocks as you can clearly see too. Let’s just get it started and see the action!

Aaanyway, sit back, relax and watch as Simone Style gets to have her fun in the threesome. She was all prepped and ready to get down and dirty with the guys and you can see her taking her time to strip for them and show off her truly amazing naked body too. Well before you know it, you get to watch her as she gets to be fucked doggie style while she sucks the other guy off and it makes for a wonderful scene here!



Full Simone Styles Porn Video

What we have here for you today is a full Simone Styles porn video that will rock your world today everyone. Check out the sexy miss Simone as she gets to have some more DP fun with the two studs and this time on video as well. Be sure to check it all out and you can see her moan in pleasure while she takes those nice and big dicks nice and deep today.

The video is sizzling hot and the full experience of Simone getting to have her fun in this porn scene is just amazing to say the least. Check her out as she plays around and shows off her amazing body as well for you all and the guys there and you can see her double penetrated from both ends one more time this afternoon. Let’s get right to the bottom of it and enjoy the good and thorough fuck Simone got today!


Horny Slut Simone Pornstar Deepthroat

Guys, today you get to see the horny slut Simone pornstar deepthroat some more hard white cocks and you cannot pass up the chance to see the busty ebony beauty getting nasty once more for your viewing pleasure. Let’s get this one right on the road as you get to see the dark skinned beauty enjoying the two white meat poles quite a lot today!

Well like we said, the babe has quite the talent at sucking and playing with cocks, so you’d better be ready to see her in a threesome again, and getting to take both the guys’ cocks in her mouth. But after a nice double blowjob that the guys enjoy, you can see them taking turns to throat fuck the slender and hot ebony babe for the rest of the amazing scene here. We’re sure you’ll like it and there will be more to see soon!



Ghetto Gagger Simone


The hot ghetto gagger Simone is back in action today everyone and this is a bit of a combo update as it were. Half of it, you get to see the chocolate delight as she gets to undress on that leather bed and show off her amazing naked body, and the other half has her playing with a nice and big cock. So let’s get it on the road and check out the cutie shall we?

So yeah, enjoy seeing her showing off those delicious curves as she gets to undress and make sure that you see them displaying from every angle since the ghetto gagger gets to parade herself. But as we said, miss Simone is nowhere near done with the whole thing as she gets to gobble up and enjoy even more cock in this amazing gallery. So let’s sit back and watch her fuck after her strip show shall we?


Nasty Simone Pornstar Double Teamed


Well today’s show features more of nasty Simone pornstar double teamed and the guys she’s with take great care to make sure that she gets all the cock that she craves for for the afternoon here. It’s going to be one hell of a fuck fest that you get to see in this update so you’d better not skip on any of the images of miss Styles getting double fucked!

Well if one thing’s clear about the nasty miss Simone is that she can never have enough dick, much like many other lovely ladies around the site here as you know. Well either way, rest assured that the pornstar was very eager to get double teamed today and have both those cocks working on her eager holes once more without delay. Check it out and as always enjoy the amazing dicking that the cutie gets once more!


Ebony Simone Styles XXX


This week’s new ebony Simone Styles xxx scene is here to stay and you can bet that there are even more incredibly hot sessions with the ebony lady showing off more of what she can do. And that of course is getting kinky with some mighty big white dicks for the afternoon, and that’s why you all adore and love her so much. Do enjoy the whole action scene that goes down!

Miss Simone is never one to back down from a nice and hard xxx fuck and she’s amazing at it as you all know. Let’s get down to business and watch the ebony woman as she whips out this guy’s big and thick white cock out of his pants and then you can see her getting to wrap those lips around it. See her performing a masterful blowjob on the guy and see her deep throat that hard meat like a champ. More of her will be here soon!

Watch here this ebony whore getting face fucked!

Ghetto Gaggers Video – Kylayah Sparks

Kylayah Sparks is another ghetto valley girl that’s gonna get her throat destroyed in this ghetto gaggers update. The ebony street slut wasn’t the brightest whore in the hood so it wasn’t too hard to convince her to do a scene. She didn’t have any idea of what was going to happen and didn’t ask either so she’s in for a pretty big surprise.

Kylayah started the black history month the best way possible. She began sucking off his guy’s hard dick and after he fucked her throat, he jizzed all over her face. The whore didn’t see this cumming, but she took it like a champ and to end everything she the right way she ended it all with a visit to the bathroom to wash her whore face in the toilet. You gotta check it all out in the video below. Enjoy this hot hood slut and don’t forget to get back for more ghettogaggers updates!

Ghetto Gagger Gucci XXX

It’s been almost two years since Gucci XXX was here at ghetto gaggers for the first time. The curvy ebony had a lot going on in her life and apparently, she got pretty low on cash and this is always the best way to get some extra bucks pretty fast. We were more that happy to have her back after her first scene and we have the perfect guy for her. Gucci XXX got Jay D in this scene and they did a hell of a job in this one. Jay D made sure he explored her throat and big ass with his white dick. She really had to work for the cash and Jay D made sure she was worth every penny she was going to receive and also offered us an amazing update.

She took it even better than anyone was expecting and after this, we are waiting for a round three that hopefully might include a double teaming scene. This is all for today, but make sure you return for more ghetto sluts getting her throats stretched and filled. The guys did an amazing job with her and you can check it out entirely below and you have one of the best seat in the house.Enjoy!

Ghetto Gaggers XXX


You guys better be ready for this ghetto gaggers xxx scene at¬†that we have for you in the afternoon as you get to see one smoking hot ebony babe getting down and dirty with a big white cock. Yes, it’s miss Gucci again as you can see and she is ready to get down and dirty once more for your viewing pleasure everyone. Be sure to check out the whole thing today with her!

She’s always eager to show off her skills at pleasing cocks and she seems to be really good at it by using her mouth. Well we know you want to check it out so just sit back and relax as you get to watch this go down. Miss Gucci drops the guys’ pants and you get to watch her starting to deep throat that cock and give the guy a sloppy blowjob without delay here. We’ll let you all explore the rest of this glorious scene here!

Ghetto Pain XXX


The sexy babe Gucci stars in a ghetto pain xxx scene this week and you get to see it all. All you need to do is just sit back and relax while you check out the busty ebony lady getting to gobble up hard cock with that eager mouth of hers. So yeah, let’s get the show going without delay and check out Gucci Xxx in some juicy and nasty fun this week shall we everyone?

The one thing about miss Gucci is that if you want to get down and dirty with her is, that you’d better be able to keep up the pace. She’s quite the naughty babe and she has her share of guys that she left drained after just a little bit of time with her. But anyway, this guy has the stamina and you can see him face fucking this beauty right there on the leather couch today. Have fun and come by soon for some more!

Black Ho Gucci XXX Blowjob


You’re just in time to see the black ho Gucci XXX blowjob action that happens for the afternoon and rest assured that it’s as hot as all the rest of the kinky galleries that we’ve seen so far with the hot ebony babe. Anyway, let those cameras roll and let’s get right to it once again as we bet that you want to see the red haired beauty gagging on some more big white cock!

To start this one off, you get to watch the sexy ho as she starts her xxx fuck fest by undressing. And the black babe Gucci then shows off her fully naked body to you all. Check out just how hot and sizzling she looks and you can understand why so many guys have trouble saying no to her when she wants to have a good fuck as well. Anyway, let the show go on and check her out throat fucked in this blowjob scene! Bye!

Hood Ho GhettoPain XXX


The sexy woman is back in action today and she has a hood ho GhettoPain xxx scene for you to see here without delay. The silver leather couch was waiting for her and the guy to put it to some good use and you just have to see all of the sensual action unfold without delays today. Well with that in mind let’s get the cameras rolling already shall we?

It seems that for this one, the ebony babe would need more than just a cock in here mouth to be pleased, so that’s why you get to see this one having her engage in some hard style sex too. Of course, she still gets to suck some man meat to kick things off, but either way, she looks drop dead gorgeous and ready to play. See her bend over and take it doggie style here today and see her moan loudly in pleasure everyone!

Gaggers XXX


Welcome back to this week’s fresh and new gaggers xxx scene once again and you can check out a busty beauty that will rock your world once more with her lust for cock. Of course it’s miss Gucci as you can see and she comes back eager to take some more white meat in that hot mouth of hers without delay. So let the cameras roll and let’s get this going to see her in action shall we?

All you need to know about miss Gucci as always, is that she just adores to have a nice and hard fuck and she’s always down to throw down. All you need to do is mention sex to her and she’s more than happy to spend her afternoon with you riding you hard. Case in point, check her out fucking this guy silly for the afternoon and see her end the action with some gagging as the guy blows his load in her mouth here today!

See this ghetto slut getting drenched in cum!

Ghetto Gaggers Ivy Young

In this latest ghetto gaggers video, we have Ivy Young and she brought us her latest scene. It didn’t take us too long to get her ass back here, we knew that she was going to return but we wasn’t expecting to happen this fast. Her fans are actually the reason why she’s back, all those requests couldn’t be ignored. Be ready to see Ivy Young getting completely dominated and also drowning in her filth. Bootleg was in charge with that and he did a hell of a job pummeling her 19yo throat and of course stretching our her little slit and she took it like a champ. They went hard and Bootleg ended up being a wrecking crew. You have the entire video below so don’t miss it and also we’ll see you next time with more hardcore ghettogaggers updates. Enjoy!

Ghetto Gagger – Ivy Young New Video

We have another hot teen getting fucked and gagged in this latest¬† ghetto gaggers update. This 19-year-old teen is made for stardom, Ivy Young is her name and this is her first scene. The petite ebony teen has huge natural boobs and she is a workhorse. In this update, she got to experience some ghetto rough sex. She was set up with two horny guys that couldn’t wait to get their hands on her, but the teen was ready for anything. Her throat needed time to stretch out, so they run through it twice.

That’s just the level of dedication and she’s done an amazing job. The guys couldn’t wait to stuff her tiny cunt hole and they fucked the hell out of it. They took turns on fucking the hot ebony teen and she took it like a champ, but you can see everything in the video below. This is all for today’s update but don’t forget to get back for more ghetto gaggers sluts getting their throats fucked in exclusive updates! Enjoy it and see you next time!

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