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Ghetto Gaggers Kianti

Ghetto Gaggers brings you today Kianti , an ebony teen that’s all about having sex with random people. She is always on the prowl to try new things sex wise, and she agreed to try her first deep throat experience with us. And we couldn’t be more happy that she did. Look at this black teen lady take some serious cock down her throat in today’s update. Let’s not delay this scene, as we’re guessing that you guys are also very eager to see this slutty black babe in action choking on that nice and fat white cock today too.


As another fresh week started off, we just had to bring you this lovely scene with the superb and sexy Kianti. Let’s see what she was did today as she got to have some sweet and hard white cock placed in her mouth and throat fucked for the whole scene. This is quite the hard style scene, and we think that you will enjoy seeing it for today. Let’s see her working hard, and taking that cock as deep as she can down her throat today. And with a classy end, you can see her face jizzed on as well. Have fun with the update and check out the past scenes for more amazing and hot scenes!


Ghetto Gaggers Kianti


Hey there and welcome to this new ghetto gaggers Kianti show as you get to watch the classy ebony lady show off her amazing skills at pleasing dicks on camera. You can see that she’s quite pretty as usual and she couldn’t be more happy to get to have this guy’s big dick all to herself for the afternoon here today. Let’s get right to the show shall we?

As the guy lays back, the babe undresses and puts on display her nude body. And you can bet that this has the effect of getting the guy nice and hard right from the start. And that’s how she wants it as apart from just sucking him off, she needs that in her pussy too. So yeah, one cock ride later, you get to watch Kianti getting a massive load on her face to end this ghetto gaggers scene nicely too. Have fun with it guys!


Kianti Ghetto Gaggers Video

We know that you love this babe and this Kianti ghetto gaggers video is going to make you love her even more by the time she gets to be done with all of the naughty action in it. She gets to do all sorts of stuff in it and you’d do well to not miss out on a single second of her naughty play session here if you want to see the cutie getting down and dirty.

But yeah, she was going to be having lots and lots of fun and was more than happy to do so for the cameras and all of you guys today to let you see just how naughty she can get when she wants to. Take the time to watch her play with that dick for some time and then watch her fucking hard style in the ghetto gaggers video. Of course, it all ends with Kianti getting a huge facial at the end of the whole thing as well. Bye guys and see you soon!


Ghetto Gaggers Preview


If you've been thirsty to see more Kianti on camera everyone, then this show is the right one for you. Anyway, let's get to see some pretty intense and hot fuck sessions with the babe here and you can check her our properly showing off her oral technique today on that massive and hard cock here. So let's get this ghetto gaggers preview going!

She's getting to show off her cute little outfit to begin with first of course and you can see that she was all set to reveal just how sexy she is. The top is the only thing that stays on for this one it seems and by the looks of it, the babe was super eager to get to suck and slurp on the cock herself. Watch closely and see her deep throating that cock in this ghetto gaggers show and enjoy this superb preview of what she can do!


Kianti Ghetto Deepthroat

Today's show features a Kianti ghetto deepthroat and you cannot miss out on it if you want to watch the ebony babe getting naughty and nasty with it for the afternoon. Sit back and check out the action as she shows off her naughty side once more and see the guy practically just letting her do whatever she wants with his massive cock!

Well she knows how much you love seeing her getting down and dirty and you are about to see her take it one step further with even more gagging in her deep throat action scene here at ghetto gaggers. Kianti is just the perfect little slut when it comes to getting kinky and you can tell that she was eager to play. So yeah she's going to be basically taking the time to milk the guy's nuts dry of man juice today. Enjoy the view!



Ebony Teen Blowjob


This week's show has another ebony teen blowjob and of course it's with none other than miss Kianti. She sexy babe is always down to show off that she gan get that extra bit naughty and she counts on you all keeping your eyes peeled and checking her out in some more amazing action for this fine afternoon. Let's get the cameras rolling shall we?

To say that she's an expert at working cock with her mouth would be an understatement and you can see that she's really really good at that. Well once the cameras begin to roll she was already hard at work and having the guy moan in pleasure. Watch her give some tender loving care to his balls with those lips as well as she strokes his cock and enjoy the glorious show. We'll be sure to bring you even more action with her soon!


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