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Jayla Foxx choking on spit

Jayla isn’t new here at ghettogagers , she’s back due to popular request to put on display her deep throat skills that impressed everyone last time we had her here. And for this one she gets down to an even harder and more furious deep throat than the last. So without further due enjoy this black sista drenched in warm sticky jizz in this update! Sit back and take your time to enjoy this slutty babes’ second time here, and watch her doing some nice work on camera with the dude’s nice and hard cock for this afternoon today.


Miss Jayla is also a very busty babe too, and as a bonus in her superb ghetto gaggers scene, you can also see this black beauty giving this lucky white guy a long tit fucking session as well by using her round natural melons. But of course the main part of this scene is seeing this beauty as she takes the cock in her mouth, so watch closely and see her taking it and sucking it with her eager juicy lips to start off. Then she starts to deep throat it too, gagging on it as it was quite big for her throat. And she ends up getting her face blasted with a jizz load as well today!



Sexy Jayla Fox Video

Miss Jayla Foxxx is here for your viewing pleasure again and she knows that you will have quite the time of your loves checking out her new show here this afternoon as she gets naughty. So as you can see, this is one truly sexy Jayla Fox video here and she gets to play in it a lot for your viewing pleasure this whole afternoon too guys!

Do sit back and relax as we get this one going. You can see the perky and energetic ebony babe take her time to talk a bit about herself and once she's done with that, she gets right to work as you will see. Sit back and check her out as she gets to suck some cock and you can also see her spreading those legs for a good and deep dicking too. We'll be back again next week once again and there will be even more goodies to check out too!


Jayla Foxxx Deepthroat

Guys, let's take the time to check out another new Jayla Foxxx deepthroat scene this afternoon and check out the pretty lovely and hot babe as she gets busy with this stud's nice and big cock. Check her out as she works hard to make him feel good and you can rest assured that the guy rewarded her in return too for this superb show.

The whole action takes place on a black leather couch and as you can see, miss Jayla is all set to get down and dirty with the guy without delay already. Check her out as she gets to whip out his cock and once she does that, see those luscious lips wrap nicely around that cock. You will get to watch her deep throat that cock with a passion and have lots and lots of fun with it. We'll be seeing you all again next week!



Fuck Her Mouth


Jayla wanted to have another guy fuck her mouth this afternoon and we just couldn't deny her desire to be kinky and nasty once more. Like we said, the babe was eager to get a nice and hard mouth fucking session today and deep throat some serious cock for you all to see without any delay. So with that in mind let's get started shall we?

You know that Jayla just can't help herself when she truly desires cock and the guy as we said was all ready to please her and give her whatever she wants. So watch them lose their clothes quite fast right at the start and you will get to watch the amazingly hot ebony beauty as she gets to wrap her lips around a nice and big cock today. We'll be seeing you all again soon, but for now enjoy this mouth fuck session with Jayla here!


Jayla Foxx Porn

Today's all new and fresh Jayla Foxx porn scene is here and you can watch what is quickly becoming everyone's favorite ebony babe, in another nasty scene where she gets to be kinky. This time she has no less than two guys to play around with and she is going to be taking her sweet time to do so without any delay today as you can clearly see.

So yeah, the couch gets to be the setting for the babe to get nasty. You can see her letting the guys undress her and take off her clothes, and while they were at it, they get to play with her perky body too, making her enjoy herself even more. Of course, the most amazing thing about this show is the cock sucking and face fucking she gets after her pussy and ass get a good dicking too. We're sure that you will enjoy the action!



Jayla Foxx Anal


This week we've got more special action for you to see in a Jayla Foxx anal show for the ages. You know that the babe is down to do much much more than just sucking cocks. She knows fairly well how good she looks and you can bet that the babe always likes to put her charm to use when she wants to get something from studs too.

Well that wasn't needed today, but you get to see the sweet and sexy ebony beauty as she takes herself a nice and hard ass and pussy fucking this afternoon. So watch her make sure the cock was nice and hard with her lips and you can see her sucking that cock in a sloppy blowjob. Then you can watch hr finally bend over and take her anal dicking as she moans loudly in pleasure for you all to see. Have fun and see you soon!


Cock In Her Mouth

Another fresh week comes around and it seems like Jayla Foxx wants more cock in her mouth this fine day as well. So who are we to deny her the request in the first place? check her out as she gets around to play naughty and nasty with another stud this afternoon and you will see her gobble up some more mighty fine meat today without delay!

That big dick was going to be in for a real treat with miss Jayla here and you get to watch each and every single second of the nasty action that went down with her. Just relax and watch her whip out the meat as always and check her out getting straight to the sucking part as she has the guy moaning in pleasure pretty much right from the start. Jayla is a woman that knows how to push a guy's buttons and get him hard!



Jayla Foxx XXX


You are just in time to check out this new Jayla Foxx XXX scene today with the one and only babe getting nasty on camera yet once more. You know that she's all about those big and thick cocks and she never lets the chance to get some dick pass by her either. Let's enjoy this new porn show with the sexy chocolate skinned babe and see her play!

As you can probably note, the action takes place on that black leather couch here today and the babe is all set and ready to party hard. Her and the guy are all over each other as they both seem eager to get to fuck today and you can even get to see the babe get her pussy eaten while she gets to deep throat his cock. This xxx scene is sizzlin' hot and miss Jayla knows it too. She's going to be back again soon enough with a lot more too. See you next time!

Slutty Jayla Foxx HD Deepthroat

Well here we are yet again and you can see some new slutty Jayla Foxx HD deepthroat action without delay once more. The ebony cutie knows that you are all eager to get to see her show off how nasty she likes to get on camera as always and she takes her sweet time with this one once more as you can see in the preview.

Let's sit back and enjoy the wonderful world of miss Jayla Foxx, one of the slutty ebony babes here at ghetto gaggers getting wild in HD for you this afternoon. You know that she's all about sucking that hard man meat every single day and she's very very happy to get to deep throat some more hard dick this afternoon. Check her out playing nasty and naughty and have fun with her simply juicy scene. There will be more soon enough!



Full Jayla Foxx Videos


Well hello guys and gals and welcome again. There are some new full Jayla Foxx videos to be seen this afternoon here for the new update and you just have to check them out if you adore seeing miss Foxx gagging on some thick cock as always. Anyway, let's not delay either, we bet you're curious to see her video for this afternoon already!

The cameras roll and the babe is all set to get what she wants as usual, which is of course hard cock. This video starts with her teasing the guy a bit with her petite and athletic figure and those perky tits too. She of course has no issue getting the guy hard like a rock and then she gets to the real action as she sucks and deep throats that cock. Check her full movie out and enjoy the nasty action. We'll see you soon with more!


Dick Pic Porn

It seems that in this new show, you can check out more of Jayla getting nasty. It all started with the babe texting the guy dirty stuff and basically asked for some dick pic porn from him. Which entailed of course snapping shots of his meat and sending them to her. Well let's get to see the result of her efforts this afternoon and we can guarantee that you will pretty much adore the action.

Of course that after seeing his big and thick cock displayed, she got horny, so one call later and she dropped by his place to get some action too. Let's get to see the whole thing unfold once more and watch the horny ebony babe as she gets around to have some cock all to herself. We know you adore seeing her sucking man meat and enjoying dicks left and right all day long. See you guys and gals soon with more!



Ebony Slut JaylaFoxx Gets Jizzed


Well, it's time once more to get to see how the ebony slut JaylaFoxx gets jizzed on today, just like usual and it's a glorious little naughty scene as per usual. Let's all sit back and relax as we get to check out the babe be her nasty self once more and get down and dirty with the cock. We bet you'll love her facial jizz scene this afternoon here!

She's getting to use the black leather couch as well in this one and first order of business as in all her scenes, is for her to get herself a nice and hard cock by sucking it passionately. Then you can see her fuck real good on the couch, taking every inch of that thick cock in her wet and sweet cunt here today. And to finish it all nicely, check out the ebony slut as she presents her face for the nut juice to go all over. We hope you had fun!


Jayla Foxx Deepthroat


Hey guys and welcome back. There's a brand new Jayla Foxx deepthroat scene to check out this afternoon and you have to check it out. The Ebony babe was as cock hungry as always and wasn't going to let this one slide without her getting all the cock that she wants again. So let's check her out deepthroat some more man meat shall we?

It's always the best to just sit back and relax while you get to watch a beauty like her in some nasty action. She's super good at blowing dicks and making men feel in heaven as she can never get enough cock and you know that Jayla has been involved in some bang bang action too. Anyway, check her out deep throating another cock today and see her gagging on it here at the ghetto gaggers site. There will be more of her to see soon enough!


Ebony Dick Riding

Everyone, you just need to check out this ebony dick riding session with the one and only Jayla getting wild once again. Like we mentioned in the past, you know her as the passionate little cock sucker that she is, but she does like to fuck as well... Quite a lot as a matter of fact. But anyway, let's get to see her do that latter part here today!

The horny dark skinned woman was going to ride that cock all afternoon long and the guy was in for the ride of his life of course. See her get him hard and then just check her out mounting right on top and never giving him a breather after. You can see her bouncing up and down his cock hard style and by the time she was done with him and his dick, he was walking funny as well. Be sure to check it all out and come back soon for more!



Jayla Foxx Ghetto Gaggers


Today's fresh and new scene brings you more of the horny Jayla in some more naughty scenes. Let's all sit back and check out the new Jayla Foxx ghetto gaggers scene featuring the porn star and see her superb and amazing solo scene today. She gets to be kinky just for you as she plays with herself and there's plenty of things to see in her scene.

The all black leather couch was all hers today to play on and she took her sweet time with it. You can watch her make her entry wearing some superbly sexy and hot red lingerie and looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous while she was at it. Then she starts to undress and bit by bit you see that body fully revealed today. Sit back and enjoy the view as she poses for you ladies and gents from every single angle here today.


Deepthroating Dick XXX

Well this week's superb and new show has some deepthroating dick xxx action going down with Jayla and as per usual you can't miss out on this one either. The deepthroating queen of ghettogaggers knows fully well how to entertain both the guy she's with and both you ladies and gents watching the scene. Anyway, let's check it out!

We're certain that you will adore this amazing and hot gallery as soon as it starts since miss Jayla is all about getting all the cock that she wants this afternoon. Sit back and relax while you watch this whole show go down and we can guarantee that you will love seeing this babe getting another face fucking session. There will be some new and special scenes next week too so make sure that you drop by to check them out without delay too!



Dick In Her Mouth

It's another fresh week and it's time to check out Jayla with dick in her mouth again too. The black leather couch is all ready to be put to some more good use with the babe as she gets down and dirty and you can bet that this show is as hot and kinky as any of the rest featuring her. Let's get it rolling as we bet you're all eager to see her in action.

The ghetto gaggers site is the best place to come and drop by for a visit if you want to see cute and sexy ebony babes getting big cocks and always showing off their oral prowess. And Jayla here is one of the best examples of that as you can see her having a big cock in her slutty mouth once more this afternoon. Check it out and check out the other amazing scenes that are around the place as well today. We'll see you next week again!


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