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Miss Breeze in on the next ghettogaggers update for two reasons: first, she loves deepthroating cock and second she has a limitless supply of milk inside her tits. So, after tapping her tit, our stud face fucked her and gave her a taste of her fucked asshole, and pussy. You will definitely love the ending with Miss Breeze getting more milk to the face, nut drenched and powder covered – just like a real ghetto donut. For this ghetto gaggers scene you also get to see a bit of BDSM as this kinky lady just loves to bee tied up as well for her fuck scenes.


She makes quick work of her clothes and the stud’s as well, and lets the guy play with her nice and big round tits as well for a while. Take your time and see her getting that sweet pussy and ass finger fucked, and of course fucked by a proper cock as well, and then see her getting that cute face fucked as well as the guy gives her throat a nice poking with his huge cock today. We know you’ll just adore it, and rest assured that it’s quite the sight to see today everyone. Enjoy it and do come back next week for some more amazing stuff!


Ghetto Gaggers Miss Breeze

Miss Breeze is another one of those babes that looks super innocent on the outside but one of the sluttiest little ladies that you can see when you go in depth about her. Either way, this ghetto gaggers miss Breeze show should do well to reveal what she's all about in a very short amount of time too. So let's get it going right away and see her play!

As you will also note, this is a video and what better way is there to check out a naughty lady in action than to see her getting down and dirty on video. But as soon as it starts you can see clothes fly off left and right and the babe getting to work on the dick without delay. She gets to be fucked all over the place as well as you can watch and we bet you'll love this ghetto gaggers video. See you all soon with more of miss Breeze in action!


Miss Breeze Deepthroat

Hey there guys. The new show is here and it has some more kinky action that you all need to check out without delay. It's a miss Breeze deepthroat show as you can clearly see and the cutie is very happy to be able to show off her technique of pleasing massive cocks this afternoon. So let's just get it going and watch her working hard shall we?

She was super eager to get to show off how she likes to have her face fucked and she knows that you'll be eager to see it all on camera too today. Well with that in mind, watch her all nude on the leather couch with the guy and see her eagerly deepthroating that cock with a sloppy blowjob making saliva go everywhere as she takes it deep. We bet you'll like it and more will follow next week as well. See you all then guys and gals!



Miss Breeze Porn


There's new miss Breeze porn to see everyone and you need to check it out without delay today. Your favorite ebony slut is back in black as it were in more ways than one and she was all ready and set to get naughty. Let's get to sit back and watch closely as she parties hard with no less than two guys for the entire show for this amazing day!

The lovely miss Breeze got around to let the guys get touchy feely with her body as she enjoys the special treatment and feel their eager hands all over her big tits and down her skirt around her pussy. Anyway you can see her having them line up to face fuck her nicely at the start and well, we'll let you explore the rest of this porn scene with the lovely miss Breeze here. See you next time with more new content and fresh scenes!


Miss Breeze Ghetto Gaggers

Today's fresh scene has more miss Breeze ghetto gaggers action in it and it would be a shame to pass it up. You know you want to see what this babe is all about so let's get right to the action and check her out playing kinky and naughty and you can watch the nasty show unfold. There is plenty of new content to see with her today too of course!

There's no thing that this babe steps down from when fucking and you can see that she quite enjoys getting hard and rough with the whole thing. She made sure that the guy knew it and you can basically see her get face fucked in this ghetto gaggers scene today as the guy obliges her desire to get naughty. Watch miss Breeze getting kinky for you today and do come back again next week to see more incredible scenes!



Ebony Breeze Naked


This week the lovely babe has a ebony Breeze naked scene for you and like the title says, you can expect to see this beauty in some very very naughty content today. She's got a pretty amazing and juicy solo scene to show off and she gets to be as naughty as she wants playing with herself without delay. So let's sit back and check it all out guys!

Either way it's a treat to see her play alone for a change too. You don't see the babes around here do this thing too often and it always rocks to watch them pose for you all nude. Well either way, the ebony babe gets to undress and take off her black dress for you, revealing that she was sporting nothing underneath at all. So while she gets to pose sensually, Breeze gets to play with her big natural tits as well today. Enjoy it!


Miss Breeze Anal Sex

Another fresh week and time to see this miss Breeze anal sex scene unfold with the amazing beauty in action as she gets to ride some hard cock. But she didn't get merely one guy to play with her as you can see in the preview. Oh no, she got herself two and she aimed to make them work hard on her ass and pussy throughout the whole show today!

But yeah, check her out as she gets around to show off just how good she is at fucking and to start off she's goign to be performing a nice double blowjob for the two studs here to make sure they were nice and hard to start off. Then as she gets on top of one, she slides his cock in her pussy and wants for the other to penetrate her ass. Check her out having both anal sex and vaginal in this one as she gets plowed by the two guys!



Nasty Miss Breeze Ebony

Well to be quite honest, seeing miss Breeze hard at work is the best thing ever and we bet that you can agree with that. This fine week rest assured that you get to see some more of the babe showing off how good she is at nut draining with just her mouth and as you can see, there was some kinky S&M play involved as well. But yeah, let's get this show going!

The nasty miss Breeze ebony show starts on the leather couch of course and she seems to be eager to get another hard face fuck from  the two guys. They eagerly let her have her way with them as they took turns to throat fuck her today and you can see her gagging those cocks too. The nasty ebony cutie gets to be very very kinky with the rest of it too, but we'll let you explore that yourselves. Meanwhile check out the rest of the shows around here for even more naughty content!



Ebony Amateur Miss Breeze


If you just can't have enough of seeing the ebony amateur miss Breeze play naughty then you came at the right place to do so, because as you know, ghetto gaggers is the best site to drop by and check out when you want to see some naughty ladies getting, well naughty. But yeah, sit back, relax and watch this babe's lips wrap around some more hard man meat for today!

Those lips know just how to push a guy's buttons and you can see that this babe did that pretty well right from the start. She had him hard in no time and took that cock for quite the good sucking here today. At some point he figured she'd take a rest, but he couldn't be more wrong. Watch closely and see her juicy lips work that big dick and you can see her stop only when she sucked him dry of juice too. Have fun with the show and come back next week for more!


Miss Breeze XXX

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back. By the looks of it, the babe got busy in this miss Breeze XXX scene hasn't she? Well you all know her really well and how horny she gets, so she wasn't going to pass up the chance to get herself a nice and thorough dicking here today. Well let's watch her having fun bouncing on the cock then shall we? It's quite nice and juicy!

The babe rarely gets to show fully how she likes to ride her meat and this gallery was perfect for her to do that for the whole afternoon. Just check her out throwing her panties off and keeping that dress on and after a blowjob quickie, you can see her get right on top of that dick. So yeah, have fun with this XXX scene as you can watch miss Breeze bounce up and down some cock and moan in pleasure all throughout it!



Miss Breeze GhettoGaggers


As another fresh week started there was no way we'd miss out on the chance to show off more of miss Breeze ghettogaggers getting kinky on camera. She's one of the kinkiest and naughtiest babes around the site and she knows how to put on a great show as well. Just take your time to enjoy the view of this one and watch as the cute little lady gets to have some nut juice on her today!

She's always been great at this sort of thing and we can see why you guys just want more and more of her every week. She's just so great at playing around with cocks and she never disappoints when it comes to this sort of thing. But yeah watch her getting her face fucked today here and enjoy the action. The guy she was with gets to cum all over her face and facialize her properly. We'll return soon with more new stuff!


Ebony Ghetto Gag


Are you ready guys? the new scene is here for the week and miss Breeze is the main attraction in the new ebony ghetto gag show. Rest assured that there is plenty to watch her do in her show and we bet that you will want even more after this one. Well rest assured that that's on it's way too, but for now you can just take the time and take this one in fully.

Mostly because it's still a pretty sizable collection of images with miss Breeze getting nasty for you and she knows full well that you want to see her getting naughty once more. Check out the show as she gets to get naked once again with the guy and watch her mouth going straight to work on that massive dick. She gags and deep throats it passionately as always and makes sure to give you good angles on it too. Enjoy it and see you all next week with more amazing content guys. Bye bye!


Ebony Miss Breeze Lactate

Well everyone, you get to see ebony miss Breeze lactate today and if you're into that sort of thing you are in luck because there is a lot of content in this gallery with her doing the thing. Naturally she still got herself some studs to get dirty with and there's no way you can sit this one out if you're a fan of her. Let's get to see in detail what she ended up doing today!

If one thing's for sure, you know that she knows how to put on a good show. So her first order of business here today was to undress and show off just how sexy and hot she looks too. Once she was done with the show and tell, the ebony miss can be seen taking a dicking on the couch from the guy too. Then it gets to culminate with him shooting jizz all over miss Breeze today too. And the cherry on the cake is seeing Breeze lactate all over herself too. Enjoy it!



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