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Ghetto Gaggers Adina Jewel

Adina Jewel wanted to challenge us to see how rough and thorough we could fuck her here at our ghetto gaggers studio. She said she did hardcore stuff before so she’s not afraid to check out what our guys could dish out. Well she was left surprised as our men fucked her pussy and throat furiously the whole afternoon making for a nice scene. Rest assured that this fresh scene is one that you should not miss if you want to see some nice and hot babe as she gets that fine booty of hers worked too.


She knows that her job is to just suck this guy off, but she wanted some pleasing too, and so, she had the stud use his hard and big cock, to work that nice and wet pussy and tight ass too. Watch her cute round butt jiggling as she gets a nice and big cock slammed in her holes, and see her moaning in pleasure too. After her nice and long anal fuck for the afternoon, you get to see the babe presenting her face for a nice jizz blast, and she is all smiles once the guys plasters her face with sticky jizz!


Jewel Porn Interracial

Get ready to see some Jewel porn interracial action for this one as we get to watch the curvy and hot ebony lady getting on some hard cock without delay today. The babe gets to have herself some big white meat on the cream colored leather couch and you can see her enjoying the experience tremendously too. Let’s just get right to it!

The busty beauty is very very eager as you can see to start her session and you can bet that she was going to ride that guy’s dick all afternoon long nice and hard as well. Check it out as she gets to be right on top after she plays with his dick and enjoy the hard style interracial fuck with her for the whole thing. She was amazing and we bet that you will think so as well. See you soon and you can count on more of miss Jewel to be shown off!



Jewel Pornstar Threesome

Well hello there and welcome guys. You are just in time to see a Jewel pornstar threesome with the lovely babe in the middle of all the juicy action. The busty ebony babe got herself not one but rather, two hot guys with big white dicks and she was going to play around with them a whole lot this afternoon too as can be seen in this little preview here.

As the cameras begin to roll, you will get to see the threesome start with the pornstar letting the two guys get all touchy feely with her body and help her undress. Soon enough she’s all nude and now ready to get to party hard with them. Check her out as she gets to deep throat their dicks and suck on them to get them nice and hard. Then to end it all perfectly, you can see them double fucking her ass and pussy for the rest of the show!



Adina Jewel Porn


Is everyone ready to see some more Adina Jewel porn here this afternoon? well you’d better be up to it as the busty ebony mature is back in action today and craving more man meat. Sit back and see her get naughty and nasty with another white guy and enjoy the incredible interracial fucking action that gets to go down with her!

She knows to push guys’ buttons of course, in every way possible to make them solid as a rock and ready to get to fuck her hard style too. So take your time to see her making sure that this guy was nice and hard and ready to fuck her nice and deep with his big dick by sucking him off like a true professional today. Then you can see her moan loudly as she gets fucked all over the place without delay. Enjoy the view!


Ghetto Gaggers Full Movie

Today’s glorious ghetto gaggers full movie presents to you a fantastic scene with miss Adina Jewel in some nasty and delicious porn action. If you want to see just how kinky the busty ebony babe likes to get, then you came to the right place as this scene has plenty for you to check out and see with the Adia getting fucked in every way possible.

The video is a small compilation of her scenes and you will be watching her sucking cock normally starting out, but pretty soon getting into the more hard core stuff, which has her getting a nice and good face fucking. That’s followed by her getting to ride the cock hard and also be fucked deep upside down. She enjoyed every second of it and the end has her sitting pretty and letting some guys blow their juices all over her pretty face!


Rough Anal Jewel


In this week's fresh scene, miss Adina gets nasty again for you. So see some rough anal Jewel scenes this time with the kinky lady getting nasty for you, and enjoy the superb slutty babe enjoying every second of that hard cock plowing her pussy and ass hard style as well. There is plenty of that going down in this one too so make sure you don't miss a single image.

As she starts off, you get to watch her suck and deep throat that meat pole with a passion and once she's done with the said oral action, rest assured that you get to see her have fun bending over the couch and moaning in pleasure as well while the thick white dick reaches balls deep in her eager holes today. We'll let you enjoy all the superb action with her today and we'll see you once more with all new and fresh stuff soon!


Adina Jewel Ghetto Gaggers

As another fresh week swung by, it was time to get to see some more of the mature babe in another amazing and kinky Adina Jewel ghetto gaggers scene today. We can pretty much assure you that it's as hot as any of the rest with the slutty babe and you will have plenty of stuff to see her do in this new gallery here today as well. Either way let's get it rolling.

The busty black babe Adina was in the mood for some more cock and you can see that she was quite eager to get to have it one way or another. She practically ripped the guy's pants off and it didn't look like he minded the whole thing either. So yeah, sit back and watch the ebony MILF go wild on that cock as she makes the guy crazy today. It ends with her covered in jizz as always as you can clearly see here!



Slutty Adina Jewel XXX


You dropped by right on time to get to see the babe hard at work again and you get to enjoy some truly amazing and hot slutty Adina Jewel XXX scenes once more and of course they are just as amazing and hot as you remember them to be. The slutty ebony babe is ready to throw down once more for you and you just have to see the action already.

Well once the show begins, you can expect to see the babe go all out and be as slutty as she wants to be just like usual too. Sit back and check her out munching on that big white meat with her luscious lips and watch the action and treat that cock like royalty in a way of speaking. Of course, she ends up with the jizz shot right on her face too and it's just perfect today. Make sure to enjoy yourselves and we'll see you soon.


Crazy Adina Jewel Anal Sex


If you just can't get enough of the naughty and nasty pornstar Adina Jewel, then you landed in the perfect place to see some crazy Adina Jewel anal sex action here today. She's back in action for this one once more and she's really happy and eager to get to play hard once more like we said. So let's kick back and relax as we get to see the babe fuck hard.

She and the guy go at it in the living room as you can see and went right down to business as clothes flew off in every direction. The only thing on the babe that remained was her black bra and that's about it. But even that she kind of pulled to the side to let you all see her perfect and round tit today. So yeah see her fucked hard style in every way possible today and do come back again soon for some more action!


Full Jewel Porn Star Threesome


Hey there guys and gals and welcome to a new full Jewel porn star threesome action scene with the one and only ebony slut getting down and dirty for your viewing pleasure. We know you've wanted to see some more of this babe in group action and this little scene here comes tight in time to give you just what you want to check out without delay.

She was ecstatic of course when she found out that the scene would have her play with more than one guy and you can see that eagerness spilled all throughout the whole scene here. Watch miss Jewel as she sucks their cocks at the same time with a double blowjob and then see her letting this threesome take it's course properly as they both get to plow her eager and wet holes today. Have fun with the thing everyone!


New Level Of Roughness


As a new week comes by, you just have to check out some more of miss Adina. Like always, she likes to get rough and this one has a new level of roughness as she proves that she can always go one step further when she gets kinky. The ebony beauty always knows how to impress, so as you can see, she was all set to have quite the fun session here today.

Anyway enjoy the sight of her getting even rougher with the guys in this fuck fest like we said, and you will see her cute face fucked nice and fast. Her ass and pussy follow suite as well and you can rest assured that she enjoyed every second. So have fun and check out the past scenes as well for even more juicy and naughty shows with her. There's plenty to check out and go around for you all. Bye bye for now guys!


Adina Jewel Gangbang

This new show brings you a Adina Jewel gangbang show that you just have to see without delay and it's fully stocked with glorious images of this babe getting naughty and kinky for your viewing pleasure. Rest assured that you won't want to miss out on this one for sure if you happen to be a fan of this busty ebony babe that just adores to get nasty.

You all adored her in her past threesome fuck sessions and we figured another one won't hurt either. So yeah, this is one of the best threesome fuck sessions here at ghetto gaggers and you know that we're not in the habit of disappointing with the content either. Just make sure that you check it all out and see the babe playing nasty all throughout as usual. We'll be returning soon enough with even more content!



Ebony Fuck: Jewell Pornstar Slut


well guys, what can we say, miss Jewel is at it again, getting herself some fine thick meat and riding it hard too. Check out this ebony fuck : Jewel pornstar slut gallery go down and see the beauty hard at work as she takes her sweet time to bounce up and down another nice and big dick for the whole session and overall have a great time with it all too.

You know that ghetto gaggers is the best site to come by and visit when you are in the mood to see some interracial action with lovely black babes that are horny as fuck and like to get really dirty when they fuck. Adina Jewels here is one of the best examples of that, so get ready to see her as she gets to ride this guy's dick once more for a long time, ending up having a nice and passionate sweaty fuck today too. Bye bye!


Nastiest Ebony Slut Adina Jewels

The nastiest ebony slut Adina Jewels is back again everyone and she's kinkier than ever as well. The nastiest here is probably not one hundred percent true, but either way, she's pretty high up there with the rest of these babes around the ghetto gaggers site. Anyway, we bet you're all itching to see what the naughty and nasty babe was up to this time so let's get the show going!

As you can see, the whole action takes place once more on the cream colored leather couch and the babe seems all nice and ready to get nasty with the whole thing. She mostly had the place to herself today but she did end up getting pretty horny so a guy needed to come in and fill her pussy too. And at the end, you can see the ebony slut having her face covered in cum once more as she makes the guy blow!



Ghetto Skank Ass Fucked


Ghetto gaggers is always the place to see ghetto skanks ass fucked nice and hard, and miss Adina Jewels here is the best example of how kinky they like to get as well. Let's just relax and watch another one go down with the busty beauty as she enjoys her time this afternoon having yet another nice and hard fuck for the cameras and you all.

The show begins with her making her entry and showing off her outfit that's sure to be quite the tease. She takes her time to pose around sensually for you and have fun with it. Soon enough the guy comes into the picture too and you can see her panties and pants pulled down as she gets to be bent over and fucked doggie style nice and hard as she moans loudly. Do enjoy it and drop by soon for fresh scenes too!


Ghetto Slut Adina Jewel Pornstar Threesome

Another fresh week and time to check out another ghetto slut Adina Jewel pornstar threesome with the aforementioned naughty lady getting down and dirty for you all. Let's just check out all the action that she gets to be involved in and making use of the two hard cocks that she gets to have all to herself today without any more delays!

So yeah, be ready to get to see Adina Jewel in some more action worthy of the title of pornstar today and check it all out. This new threesome she went above and beyond the call of duty as it were and you can see the ghetto slut getting nasty with those cocks from the start. After a hard style and passionate fuck, you get to watch her as she gets to suck them off again and milk their nut juice when they blow. She also lets them give her a massive facial!


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